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Creating an Institutional Website is one of the keys to your company’s success. As Bill Gates said: “In the near future, companies will do business on the internet or not do business at all”. Daily, we get closer to this reality, realize how many companies in this pandemic suffered for not having developed an institutional website.


That’s because companies that are not on the internet, do not seem to exist. After all, most Brazilians when they need a product or service, search the internet. There are already more than 130 million citizens connected to the internet here in Brazil.


Searching the net can be to find out more about the product or service, understand more about the company, find the store’s address, among other reasons. If your company doesn’t create an institutional website or other types of websites, the customer won’t find you.


That’s why CREATE INSTITUTIONAL SITE can increase (and a lot) your company’s profitability. Understand the importance of this marketing tool and discover how to create an institutional website. Come on?!

What is the importance of an institutional website?

An institutional website is a business card. Think that 67% of the Brazilian population, over 10 years old, is connected. So, when someone wants to find out information about something, one of the first things they do is go to a search engine.

Have you ever stopped to imagine that if a potential customer is looking for something you offer and you haven’t created a website yet, you will lose money? The consumer will close a deal with your competition. After all, users won’t know about your business if they can’t find you.

Therefore, the creation of an institutional website is the minimum for any company that wants to stand out. Proof of this is that, currently, practically all sales are influenced by the internet. As?

Imagine someone needs a certain product, what does he do right away? Grab your smartphone and go search. From there it’s easy to find product variations, top stores, and brands, and more.

In the end, even if the consumer buys in a physical store, the internet had an influence on the purchase decision. Not to mention that, today, the convenience of searching and buying on the internet is increasingly conquering the population.

What is the purpose of a website?

Now that we’ve figured out what an institutional website is, let’s dig a little deeper. After all, many entrepreneurs still do not understand the purpose of a website.

This tool is important from building a business’s digital identity to sales success. If you still have doubts, know now the main reasons to create an institutional website. follow up.

  1. Brand recognition

With the popularity of mobile devices, people spend more time researching companies, products, and services online. If a company is not online, it is practically impossible for it to build a strong identity in the consumer’s mind.

Therefore, creating an institutional website is essential to strengthen your brand and show yourself relevant within the segment in which you operate. When the visitor accesses your site, they get to know more about your company, product, values, ​​and history.

  1. Show authority on the subject

When a customer searches for a product or service on the internet and he finds your company, this, above all, conveys credibility. Even more, if you have an updated website, with explanatory content on the subject and good visual identity.

However, if your company does not create an institutional website, your client will find the competition page. Therefore, companies that have not yet understood the importance of a website end up being left behind and do not show the expertise of the enterprise.

  1. Elucidate important information

A website is an important tool for passing information to your customers. For starters, your website is the best place for customers to access reliable and up-to-date information about your business, such as opening hours and contact details.

When we talk about opening hours and location, don’t forget Google My Business, it’s a great option in conjunction with institutional websites.

Furthermore, it is through it that you will tell the story of your organization, present successful cases, positive reviews, among other fundamental data to show the value of your brand. All this will be important to make the consumer more satisfied.

  1. Attracting new customers

Digital marketing is one of the most efficient (if not the best) strategies to win over new consumers, as well as being more accessible than traditional media such as TV. But to start digital marketing strategies it is necessary to create an institutional website.

The great advantage of a website is that it allows you to target strategies to the right people at the right time. After all, your website will appear to potential customers (leads) whenthey search for terms related to your product or service.

  1. Closing sales

There is no doubt that the creation of institutional websites, as well as the applicability of the correct digital marketing strategies, will increase your sales. First, because your website will have greater visibility in the virtual environment and will be available 24 hours a day.

That way, more potential customers will find your business. In addition, when creating an institutional website, you can collect customer data through a landing page and develop email marketing campaigns. Another possibility is to invest in sponsored ads. All this helps to increase the customer base.

  1. Better relationship with the consumer

Another important role of institutional websites is to improve the relationship with your customer. First, because your customer will find up-to-date information about your company, which avoids confusion.

In addition, he can ask questions, solve problems, give feedback and much more. To do this, you can provide a field for “frequently asked questions” on the website, create a self-service area, provide an online chat or a contact tab. All this will be important to improve the relationship with your customer and still capture new contacts.

  1. Measurement of results

In a leafleting campaign, for example, it is practically impossible to measure results, isn’t it? In addition, this type of strategy is inefficient, especially when compared to digital marketing.

Can I replace an institutional website with social networks?

No! An institutional website is the first consumer research channel, social networks are in second place. Also, not all your customers have profiles on social media, but the vast majority search the internet.

Therefore, leaving your entire dissemination strategy only on the networks is risky. Even if social networks offer resources to advertise, your company does need an institutional website. He is your calling card.

Social networks are tools that should be used as an alternative direct communication channel with your company. In addition, of course, to sharing insights, data and content that involve the universe of your business.

It is through the development of an institutional website that you will ensure digital presence and contact with your audience. In addition, by applying the right strategies, your website will become an important tool for attracting new customers.

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